Why Realtors Use Matterport 3D Tours

Matterport 3D tours are the perfect fit for any Realtor or Broker. We offer a unique perspective on a property listing that will give your leads and prospects the feeling of actually being in a home without having to physically be there.

Of course, nothing replaces actually being there, but this will allow your leads and prospects to pre-qualify themselves and get excited about seeing a home saving you valuable time and money by only showing properties they are actually interested in.

Save Time & Money

  • Pre-qualify your prospects. No need to drive them to every possible home they “might” be interested in only to find out they don’t like the room layout or some other trivial thing. Just send them Matterport tour links so when they are ready to physically see a home, you only show them homes they are truly interested in.
  • Less hassle for your sellers. They don’t have to clean up and vacate their home every time you want to bring someone by because you are only bringing by pre-qualified prospects.
  • Embed the wow-features and talking points about the property right into the tour with Mattertags so you never forget key features of the home, and the viewers can see and interact with them without you even being there.
  • Engage your website visitors by keeping leads and prospects on your site longer which keeps them off your competitor sites.
  • Just the “cool” factor alone will get them sharing the tours on their favorite social media channels (easily done from within the tour) to friends and family possibly bringing you more referrals, leads and exposure.
  • Tours can automatically be uploaded to your listing on Realtor.com*.
  • dkPhotoLab is an all in one solution. Have your 3D tour, video and photos done by one company in one visit to the home. We typically have all the files and links back to you within 48 hours.

Win More Listings

  • Wow clients with 3D and Virtual Reality (VR) cutting edge technology that most Realtors in your area are not using.
  • You won’t need to physically bring as many people through their home because you can pre-qualify prospects with Matterport tours.
  • Move the home faster. Get more eyes on a listing with an “always on” open house.

Market Everywhere Your Leads and Prospects Are

  • We provide you with files and links for multiple uses and marketing channels. We typically have all the files and links back to you within 48 hours.
    • 3D – Tour: Your own website, Facebook, Realtor.com (automatically*), MLS, mobile devices, etc…
    • Virtual Reality: Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR using an iPhone or Android device.
    • Video: Your own website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc…
    • Photography: Your own website, Facebook, Flyers, Magazines, MLS, Pinterest, Houzz, etc..
    • 2D Floorplans: Your own website, Facebook, Flyers, Magazines, MLS, Pinterest, Houzz, etc..


  • Attract more agents to your firm by including Matterport 3D tours with every home listed. They will appreciate the extra marketing help.

*property address needs to be verified and match property address on Realtor.com. Tour will typically show up within 48 hours after address verification.